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About Top Global Investors

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Top Global Investors is a Registered Investment Advisory firm based in The United Kingdom, we are registered to trade and transact business in the United States, Australia, Canada and 18 other countries worldwide including Europe and Asia. We specialise in designing solutions for our clients in the areas of brokerage accounts, retirement accounts, and wealth management for small businesses and individuals all around the world.
Our company is dedicated to providing exceptional investment management services by forming partnerships built on trust, understanding, and thoughtful advice. We established our firm on one overriding principle: to provide the highest level of investment advice in the best interest of our clients, always placing the client first. The firm allocates the time necessary to customize its proposed solutions in order to pursue each client’s goals with intelligence and rigor. Our advice, services, and solutions are designed to stand the test of time.

Our Business Lines

  • Our Business Lines

    Principal Investments

    Principal Investments

    Focuses on providing strategic, long-term capital to industry-leading businesses throughout our ecosystem. Our mission is to stand behind companies that we believe will be successful in helping to accelerate and promote the institutional adoption of blockchain technology and digital assets. Our team of investment professionals have unparalleled institutional expertise in analyzing and executing on providing capital to partner businesses in all stages of their lifecycle, from seed

  • Asset Management

    Asset Management

    Asset Management

    Galaxy Digital Asset ManagementA diversified digital asset management business with over $830 million in AUM. The team has deep institutional experience managing third party capital across traditional and alternative asset classes, strong relationships with institutional service providers and counterparties, and exceptional connectivity throughout the blockchain and digital assets ecosystem.

  • Investment Banking

    Investment Banking

    Investment Banking

    Partners with high quality businesses operating in and around the blockchain ecosystem. Focused on providing the full suite of investment banking services throughout the life cycle of a transaction (origination, structuring, and execution), while retaining the ability to commit capital

  • Trading


    About Trading

    Digital is one of the largest principal traders in the digital assets space. We specialize in making institutional-sized markets with counterparties in digital assets.

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Top Global Investors Referral Benefits

Top Global Investors Referral Benefits

At Top Global Investors, we are concerned with building a longer table and not a taller fence and this certainly comes with bountiful rewards for our clients who share this amazing opportunity in Asset Management that is shifting the balance of financial power and closing the wealth gap. This is achievable by our VIP referral bonuses which proportionally rewards you for every cashflow you help a friend make, it’s simple, get rich by helping others get rich too.
Never buy or sell online without using Top Global Investors Escrow Service

Never buy or sell online without using Top Global Investors Escrow Service

With Top Global Investors Service you can buy and sell anything safely without the risk of chargebacks. Truly secure payments.


Serve as an integral communication link to all parties in the transaction.

Prepare and comply with escrow instructions from the mutual direction of the principals. Request a title search from the title company selected by the principals to determine what title issues will need to be cleared before title can transfer to Buyer.

Request statements from any existing lender(s) or lien holder(s) upon direction of the Seller.

Comply with the lender’s requirements as specified in escrow instructions.

Calculate the final monies which Buyer will need to bring in to close escrow and requests the funds from the Buyer.

Secure releases of the contingencies and conditions as stated in the escrow instructions.

Nonfarm Payroll (NFP)

Each first Friday of the month, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes data on nonfarm payroll for the month, which is closely monitored by economists all around the world to track economic trends, identify new directions, and check on the state economy. Nonfarm payroll (NFP) is one of the key economic indicators in the U.S., which shows the total number of paid workers minus farm employees, government employees, and employees of non-profit organisations.

Joint Venture trade (JVT)

Joint Venture Trading Pte Ltd (JVT) is a collaboration of entities spanning the vineyards of Southern Australia to the active markets of Asia, with the underlying goal to provide quality wine at the most competitive prices. By utilising our logistical network and storage facilities we are able to ship, store and distribute various brands at the most competitive price. Our drive is to make our clients, members of our distribution network.